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Service Providers
Senate Staff Services

Sam Houston Building, Room 175
P.O. Box 12068
Austin, Texas 78711-2068
(512) 463-0430

Senate Staff Services processes and maintains records generated by the proceedings of the Texas Senate. The office houses audio recordings of all senate committee meetings and floor debate from the last three legislative sessions. Legislators, their staffs, and the public may listen to the audio recordings in the staff services office without charge. Copies of the audio recordings can be purchased for $5 each and transcripts, when available, for 25 cents per page. The office will certify transcripts and duplicate recordings on request. Live broadcasts and archived recordings of recent senate floor proceedings and committee meetings can be accessed on the senate’s website.

Staff services keeps copies of minutes of the proceedings of senate committee meetings from the 69th Legislature (1985) to the present, and the minutes can be viewed in the staff services office. Legislators and their staffs can receive copies of minutes at no charge; other individuals may purchase copies for 25 cents per page.

Staff services also operates the Senate Bill Distribution office and the Senate Copy Center.

Senate Staff Services
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