The legal division of the council provides professional, nonpartisan legal services for all members of the Texas Legislature and the lieutenant governor. Emphasizing high-quality services, the division offers many combined years of experience and expertise in almost any area of law.

The primary service provided by the attorneys of the legal division consists of drafting legislative and other legal documents, including bills, certain types of resolutions, floor and committee amendments and substitutes, conference committee reports, legal memoranda, and requests for attorney general opinions. The attorneys provide legal research and legal counsel with respect to these documents and other legislative matters. These services are provided in response to requests from a legislator or the lieutenant governor, who may communicate the request through an aide or other employee. As a courtesy and as workload permits, the legal division offers drafting services to the governor's office and executive agencies.

Another important responsibility of the legal division is the continuing statutory revision program. This ongoing project is a substantial part of the work performed by the division during the interims between legislative sessions. Recent codifications of Texas law prepared by the legal division and submitted to the legislature for enactment include the Insurance Code, Special District Local Laws Code, and Estates Code.