Legislative reference

Legislative reference publications are updated in the interim before a new legislative session begins. Most online publications are in PDF format. If there is also a website or HTML version of the publication, the word "website" in brackets to the right of the publication title links to that version. Unless noted, printed copies may be obtained from the council's document distribution section and are available for viewing in the Legislative Reference Library.

Guide to Texas Legislative Information

An aid to locating legislative information and resources. (for the 84th Legislature)

Reading Statutes and Bills

A primer on how to read and understand statutes and bills. (for the 84th Legislature)

Texas Legislative Council Drafting Manual

A compilation of legislative drafting guidelines covering such topics as bill format and content requirements, germaneness, citations, and style and usage. (for the 84th Legislature)

Memorandum on Local and Bracket Bills (Appendix 7)

A discussion of requirements relating to publication of notice of intent to introduce a local or special bill and standards governing consideration of bills that are limited to a particular class of political subdivisions or geographic areas through use of population or another classification device. (for the 83rd Legislature)

Texas Legislative Manual

A manual containing the U.S. and Texas Constitutions; the senate and house rules of procedure; information on the membership of the two houses and their committees; and information on the officers and employees of the two houses. (for the 83rd Legislature, but Texas Constitution includes amendments through the November 8, 2011, election)

Separate paperback volumes of the following sections of the manual also are produced:

Procedures Manual for Joint Committees

Procedures governing the financial, administrative, and logistical operations of joint committees. (for the 83rd Legislature)

Committees may obtain printed copies and other information from the council's accounting office,
(512) 463-1155.

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